Why choose Midland Aluminium?

Midland Aluminium is part of the Affordable Windows Group, with our own dedicated Aluminium and PVCu factories. We employ over 250 people in the local areas and are proud to manufacture our hand-built products in Britain.

Our national delivery network covers most areas of the UK every week, and the Midland Aluminium depot in Stafford is the main transport hub for our fleet.

We offer only the very best products, made from the highest quality materials. Our products¬†are secure, durable, and make your buildings more energy efficient. Best of all, because you are buying directly from the manufacturer, you won’t find better value for money, across the board.

Aluminium is extremely strong, light and very long lasting, so much so that its life span is measured in decades rather than years. It is also very resistant to rust and corrosion that can be caused by modern industrial pollutants.

It provides modern clean lines and can be used in many aspects of construction such as Patio Doors, Bifolding Doors, Conservatories, Fascias, Gutters, Soffits and Curtain Walling in high rise buildings.

Aluminium is a very sustainable product as it is light to handle and transport. It is also highly recyclable as none of the physical attributes are lost in the recycling process. It also needs only 5% of the energy required to create primary aluminium.

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